Monday, February 3, 2014

Phillip Seymour Hoffman- Another Victim of A Decaying Culture

The news is reporting that the highly talent actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman, (1967-2014), has died of a drug overdose. Yet another celebrity has become a victim of a social culture that that has embraced hedonistic secular humanism. Hoffman's suicide by heroin is another example of how the wealth and adulation of celebrity in America does not bring with any happiness or ultimate fulfillment.

Hoffman, tragically, like so many in our society, was the product of a broken home, and according to all the biographical data, had not been raised with any strong religious and moral convictions. He leaves behind 3 children from a long term relationship, that was never dignified with marriage. Early in his adulthood he began to become a serious drug abuser and addict.

Hoffman manage to overcome addiction and begin what became an enormously successful career, only at the height of his acclaim to relapse into heroin addiction. It is clear that his world view and his fame as an actor were not enough to prevent him from succumbing to the siren call of narcotics.

Hoffman was betrayed by the spiritual dead end that our modern society provides. He had become, like so many celebrities before him, miserable and unfulfilled. In the end,  the needle in his arm that he hope would end his pain, ended his life instead.

Pray for his family that they will find the only comfort possible, a faith in the Living God.

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