Monday, February 10, 2014

Sochi- Homosexuality and Hysteria

As always, the Olympics are being used for political reasons. The left has turned the Winter Olympics into a major front in the debate over sodomite rights. The left , which was so silent in the face of Soviet and Chinese atrocities for decades, will now bewail the Neo-Soviet leader Putin, not for being a Dictator, but for the relatively mild laws Russia has with regard not to practicing, but actively promoting Sodomy.

The media of course, as well as the Obama junta, has of course fallen in line. The media is celebrating with wild acclaim the Olympic victory of Irene Wust, a dutch Olympian and admitted lesbians gold medal. Combined with its rhapsodizing over the "coming out" of NFL prospect Michael Sam as a homosexual, one would think that athletic competition is somehow integrally related to sexual activity. In addition google has celebrated the Olympics with a "gay-flag" themed banner.

We live in a Romans 1 world. Paul tells us that when men abandon God they inevitably move in the direction
of embracing idolatry and sexual perversion. In only a few decades our society has gone from regarding homosexuality as perversion to regarding it as a sacred right. Or should one say a sacred rite, a sacrament in the humanistic religion. What new perversions will be considered acceptable? Time will inevitably tell.

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