Saturday, February 15, 2014

Surprise Decision on Gun Control By Circus Court. reports that the usually reliably Leftist Ninth Circuit Court of appeals, (known as the circus court for its many off-the-wall decisions, has at first glance, seems to be a uncharacteristically good decision in striking down California's new gun control laws. The California law would have placed serious restrictions of the citizen to carry concealed fire arms. If the decision is upheld then citizens without any criminal or mental record may receive a carry permit,  without having to prove that he has what the state feels to be a valid reason.

While it is of course correct that a citizen should have a right to bear arms, one should be concerned that the decision reflects the belief that is the federal courts, and not the legislatures of the states that decide whether someone should be allowed to exercise their right to self defense. Well what the court gives, the court may take away, so while we should be happy for the gun owners of California, we should be concerned about the rights of the people and  the states.

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