Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Flexible Convictions of Wendy Davis

John Hayward, at Human Events online, talks about one of political histories most radical and most cynical political turnarounds in history. Wendy Davis, famous for her pink-sneakered filibuster against a Texas law that would have placed restrictions on abortion, has begun to reverse herself. She has removed all mention of the filibuster on her website and has announced she isn't really opposed to the law afterall.

Of course Davis, in her discussion on the matter is the soul of hypocrisy. She now claims she agrees with the bill but wants the exceptions to extend from the life to the "health" of the woman. This is an old liberal favorite. As the former abortionists Bernard Nathanson pointed out, the "health of the woman", exception was always a ploy. The reality is that any pregnancy carries with it some danger to the health of the woman.
there the Dr. (abortionists) can always find that the woman's health is threatened by an abortion.

The advocates of abortion know that no one would pass laws that would prevent women with life threatening conditions like an ectopic pregnancy, but the left uses the health exception to shoehorn in all abortions for whatever reason.

Davis is obviously stuck. Having built her reputation on the bodies of  the aborted infants she finds her ghoulish stance is unpopular. So she cynically pretends this is not really her position. This is the usual Dick Morris triangulation. Always get between your opponent and the center. Davis knows that her left-wing supporters will know where she really stands and she hopes the rest of the voters are stupid enough to believe her.

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