Friday, February 7, 2014

Will Obama Try to Remain In Office?

Another month has gone by and once again employment statistics have proved to be underwhelming. The Obama administration once again created in the minds of his worshipers expectations of job  growth that once again failed to materialize. 113,000 thousand jobs were "created" instead of the 185,000 that were predicted.

Of course we will told what percent of these jobs are being performed by illegal aliens. And, unlike during Republican administrations, the media will not ask how many of these jobs were temporary and minimum wage. Of course for Obama's most ardent acolytes this will mean little.  Government handouts are ready to take the place of employment, and the welfare state will subsidize the workers, both legal and illegal, so they can subsist on the low wage slavery that drives the engine of our economy.

One can only speculate that Obama, with his boundless lust for power will attempt to subvert, as he has so much of the constitution the amendment limiting to two terms. Clearly he lacks the votes in congress, and the votes of enough states to repeal presidential term limits. One also doubts that the military will maintain him in power.

Their is only one avenue (legally) that he might pursue. I believe that we should be prepared for the possibility that he will run his wife Michelle for a term as president. There can be no question that the pliable minds of the people that have elected him to 2 terms would not think twice about putting Michelle in office as a figurehead.

I do not, of course know this will happen. I only suggest that those who cherish our dying liberty should be aware of the possibility and should be prepared to resist. If it occurs, it certainly would not be surprising to find that Obama will create a crisis or war that will then be used by the media to argue for continuity, much as when FDR was voted a third term so as not to change admin. during the middle of a national emergency.

It would raise many interesting questions. Would Hillary fight for the nomination? Would the voters regard such a Caesarian attempt to gain a crown for himself one move too many? Only time will tell.

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