Thursday, February 6, 2014

UN Condemns Vatican! A Tale of Glass Houses!

NBC news rhapsodized Tuesday over a report by the United Nations which condemned the Vatican. It attacked Rome for its cover up of Pedophile priests and for good measure called on it to change its positions on birth control, abortion and homosexuality.

Apparently even the United Nations, which has managed to overlook tyrants and mass-murderers throughout the world has its limits., which commented on the report noted the hypocrisy of the UN criticizing sexual abuse while it has ignored the rampant rape and sexual abuse committed by UN
"peace-keeping forces. This has been the case all the way back to the atrocities committed by the UN forces in Katanga during the Congolese civil war.

It is also interesting that the UN criticizes the Pope for his views on Homosexuality and Abortion. One wonders if similar condemnation will be directed at Islamic leaders for their identical positions on these issues.

I rather suspect that if one polled the population of the entire world, the view of the majority is probably closer to the opponents of homosexuality and abortion. Of course the UN, while claiming to represent the whole of mankind, in reality only represents a small global left wing elite.

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