Monday, February 24, 2014

Veterans Jobless Ranks Grow While Obama Floods Country With Illegals

Ali Meyer at, reports that Since 9-11 the number of jobless veterans have risen to almost 600,000 in the last five years, more than double the number only 5 years ago. Meanwhile Secretary of Defense Hagel has announced plans to reduce the army to pre-1941 levels. This is in spite of the fact that our fearless leader has committed our military to ever more adventures overseas.

In a logical universe, one might suppose that refusing to enforce the immigration laws in the face of growing unemployment is insane. However that's only if you believe that the president is concerned about the American working class in general, and veterans in particular. Obama is the intellectual offspring of the counter-culture left of the 1960s.  These were the people, during Vietnam that spit on our veterans in airports
and called them baby killers.

The illegal alien on the other hand. serves a valuable function. He is the glue that holds together the despicable alliance between big biz and big gov. Illegal aliens provide biz with the cheap labor that fuels their greed and lust for profits. At the same time they are the democrats of the future, unlike veterans who tend to be more conservative, unless they can be driven into the welfare class.

Obama and his masters know this. They are fastening the chains of dependence and slavery upon the working people of America. You can bet that if the working people decide to resist then Obama and his Fatherland security minions will hand weapons to the illegal and  the obamabots and make them their "sturmabteilung". No doubt these weapons will be loaded with the 750 millions rounds purchase by Fatherland security.

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