Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Common Core, The State Owns Your Children.

Penny Starr, writing at cnsnews.com writes concerning the plans our liberal masters have for our country.
At a meeting of the Center For American Progress, a think tank headed by former Clinton flunky John Podesta, one of  the panelist Paul Reville a former Education Secretary from Mass. proclaims that opponents of Common Core were a "small minority", were being unfair because children "belong to us all". Translation the children belong to the people which in liberal parlance always means the state.

Common Core is a new initiative that our owners hope will accelerate the secularization of our society by standardizing academic standards across the country. This means that the federal government is using grants and federal money to get its foot in the door to gain absolute control over our education system.

No doubt the Reich officials will use these common standards to try move against private education and home schoolers. The state cannot make its failed schools attractive even by making them free. These schools are essential to the governments religion. They believe that children are the common property to  the state and must be indoctrinated in the secular faith. In America, as in Germany and France there will soon be laws passed to eliminate non government education. The time has come for all concerned Americans to fight for the welfare of their and stand in opposition to the state and its false Gods.

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