Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Chronicle of England's Demise Reports a recent BBC program which shows that in one in nine English schools English is not the primary language of the majority of the students. It cites the facts their are dozens of schools where 95%
of the student body don't speak English as a first language and in hundreds its over 75%.

This is just one more example of the coalition between guilty white liberals who wish the suicide of the west, and big business which will sacrifice the nation to for the short term profits of cheap labor. The business community and the upper classes are as blind as the aristocrats of France in 1789 and Russia in 1917.  Until the last moment when the mobs break down the walls of their gated communities and hang them they will think that they will survive there sacrificing of the working class.

The guilty white liberals on the other hand, believe that their elitest, cosmopolitan,  national public radio way of life will be able to go on in the wake of the coming collapse of western civilization. The masses of the third world breaking down the gates to emigrate to western countries will lose as well. When they become the majority then America will become a third world country.

The northern European culture, the product of 2000 years of Christianity and 500 of Protestantism can only be sustained by a people who have been cultivated in that culture. los Angeles will become Mexico City. Detroit will become Karachi, and Haiti.

It remains to be seen if England has passed the tipping point and is hopeless. one hopes that  the people in England will awake and take their country back. However the brain-numbing effects of the modern education system and popular culture are devastating. Pray for the people of England and Europe. Pray for our people as well.

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