Wednesday, February 12, 2014

McCain Slams Syrian Christians, Embraces Muslim Brotherhood.

Christian Children murdered by McCains
The Clarion Project, reports that former Republican presidential candidate John McCain had a tantrum and lashed out at Syrian Christians for complaining about the persecution and murder they have suffered at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. So vehement was McCain, who is wholeheartedly supporting the Syrian rebels, that another Senator Lindsey Graham, (not noted himself for his political principles), apologized for his conduct.

McCain, complaining that the Syrian Christians were even in the room left the conference. Upon his return he according to witnesses would not even look at the Syrian Christians. (given McCain's absence of integrity one doubts it was from shame.) McCain has long been a tout for the Muslim Brotherhood. Most likely Arab oil money has a major role in this. Having married money was not enough for the Arizona senator so now he is whoring for the Muslims.

Recently he hired a noted Islamist's spokesgal Elizabeth O'Bagy to his staff. Meanwhile, back in August,  a memo surfaced on the website of the Muslim Brotherhoods freedom and justice party show that in Egypt that the McCain backed group has called for and incited the massive attacks on Christians.

Now that he no longer needs their votes McCain has specialized in attacking Christian conservatives.
Interestingly, one of the former POWs other projects has been supporting trade with the Vietcong \, his former captors. Clearly the Senator is a prince among political prostitutes who will sell himself to anyone who waves the cash under his nose. I guess the old saying is true "if your going to be in a whorehouse you might as well be the biggest whore in the house, (oops I mean Senate).

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