Thursday, December 12, 2013

A. W. Pink and the Sovereignty of God

I am in the process of Re-Reading a great Reformed Christian Classic, The Sovreignty of God, by A. W. Pink. Arthur Walkington Pink, 1886-1952. Born in England to a strict Plymouth Brethren family he abandoned the faith to embrace the cult of Theosophy eventually becoming a writer for their magazine the Luciferian. He was preparing to join the cults leader in England. All the while his father was praying for his conversion.

One evening he came home and his father recited Proverbs 14:12, there is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof is death", Convicted by the passage Pink soon became a Christian. After pastoring several Churches in America, Britain, and Australia, he became more and more focused on a writing ministry, starting his periodical Studies in the scriptures in 1922. For 30 years he provided teaching and spiritual comfort to a relatively small band of subscribers. His articles became the basis for the bulk of his books.

Since his death in 1952, his books have been reprinted by the millions and have had an impact on the lives of far more than ever received his magazine. The Sovreignty of God  is perhaps his best known work and is a wonderful exposition on God sovereign power in both providence and in salvation. Give thanks to God for his work and pray that God will raise up more faithful teachers to fill his shoes.

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