Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ringing in the New Year With Perversion

Word is out that California's degeneracy will now extend to featuring a "gay wedding" atop a float at the Rose Bowl Parade.  The idea of two people of the same sex marrying, so contrary to reason and nature,
Moral degeneracy in Weimar Germany
led to Nazism. What will ours lead to?
would have been considered absurd only a generation ago but the pied pipers of Hollywood and Academia have enchanted the Flock of sheep that once were a free people.

In addition the Boy Scouts have made it clear that they are going to admit open Sodomites into it's ranks.
No doubt many will prove their\" tolerance" by sending their children off  to be molested, while most will
simply withdraw from the organization leading to its demise.

One would think the logic of turning someone attracted to young men loose on a group of young men
would smack of insanity. Imagine what the reaction would be if a normal man was trying to lead a girl scout pack. What would their reaction be then?

Well we live in a Post-Christian, Post-moral, and Post-rational society. I guess for the masses, as long as they have their pot, football, and Obamacare all is well. Pass the Joint and turn up the Miley Cyrus.

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