Monday, January 27, 2014

The U.S. - #1 Supporter of Christian Persecution!

According to the annual survey of Christian persecution , Worldwatch List, of the top 15 persecutors of Christians in the world, 5 of them have the unique distinction of being the beneficiaries of United State support. Two of the countries, Iraq and Afghanistan have had governments established by the U.S., at enormous cost to America in Lives and wealth.

Two others, Libya and Egypt have U.S. support for their "Arab spring" revolutions. In both of these countries Christians have faced death and persecution, leading to thousands of believers fleeing the country.
While their is some hope that Egypt will follow a more moderate course with its new constitution, It is unlikely its government will be able to control the mobs that rampage against Christians.

This is an old story. In WWI we fought to keep the world safe for Democracy only to pave the way for the second world war. In the Second World War we fought for the freedom of Europe only to bring down an iron curtain over half of it for decades. In the Cold war we fought those who we helped to occupy the areas dominated by Communism in WW2. Fortunately they either went broke before we did, like the Soviet Bloc, or modified their ideology like China and Vietnam.

Now perpetual war is liberating the middle east to guarantee the domination of that region by Islamist fanatics. How many Untold billions of dollars and lost lives will result remains to be seen. But the final result is as predictable as in the previous conflicts.

At the end of the cold war the United States, as the sole remaining super power had the opportunity to get of this hamster-wheel of perpetual war. We should have focused on our national interest in the western hemisphere, regained our economic independence. Instead we have mortgaged our independence to China, big oil, and global government.

Pray for the persecuted Church and our Brethren. Our politicians have demonstrated they are willing to offer them up on the altar of profits and global government.

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