Sunday, January 12, 2014

Leroi Jones The Poet Laureate of Guilty White Liberals

Tim Graham at Newsbusters reveals about National Public Radio, the instrument of tax-payer financed left-wing, state sponsored errorism has heaped praise upon communist, racist, radical LeRoi Jones (black-racist name Amiri Baraka). The late Jones\Baraka was eulogized by the NPR program "All Things Considered who described his work as "achingly beautiful."

Jones/Baraka, the black racist ranter who devoted his work to such lifting themes as calling for the rape and murder of white people and blaming white people in general and Jews in particular for everything from corrupting the bible to being behind 911 is naturally a hero to the wealthy upper-class White and Jewish liberals who dominate NPR and make up its listeners.

From the 1960's on Jones/Baraka made a good living spinning his scam on guilty white liberals, spewing his filth in the guise of poetry and getting lucrative teaching jobs like a professorship at SUNY, with heavy grants from (of course), the National Endowment of the arts. The state of New Jersey was so embarrassed at his 911 poems that they had to remove him as poet laureate.

Naturally the author of such uplifting passages as  “cracking steel knuckles in a jewlady's mouth.” and
"Rape the White girls, rape their fathers. Cut the mothers throats," are music in the ears of the self loathing whited liberals of Peoples Republic Radio. No doubt the rich white liberals who give NPR what cash it doesnt squeeze from the taxpayers will pony up with even larger donations.

Faux Poet, faux Educator, and faux Muslim Jones/Baraka is, as we speak answering to a Judge on whom his hate-filled jive will have no impact. Sadly his legacy will be guaranteed by a generation of guilty white, self loathing liberals.

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