Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wendy Davis' Texas Sized Lies!

Wendy Davis, (to whom I must say I hope I am not even distantly related), has come-a-cropper, in her political career due to the discovery of fabrication of her past. She initially claimed she was 19 when she divorced when in reality she was 21. Unfortunately she had to be under oath to testify truthfully. She has also admitted that other elements of her sob story have been highly embroidered.

She now admits for example that her proud struggling in a trailer park lasted only a few months and that her second husband actually helped pay her way through college when, according to her husband, she broke of the relationship as soon as he made the last payment of her law school loan." I made the last payment and the next day she left." Of course her bio said she paid her way with scholarships and loans.

Wendy Davis, who rocketed to liberal stardom by thwarting a bill to limit the baby killing industry in Texas. She has been revealed to have a very casual attitude to maternal responsibility having relinquished custody to two children by her 1st two husbands. Davis, who's was counter-sued for divorce for adultery clearly has trouble dealing with moral responsibilities.

Naturally the left has avoided saying much about this, and attacking conservative media for mentioning it.
Historically Democratic politicians from Huey Long to Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were quite good at "poor-mouthing" about there youthful poor roots which proved to be fibs. Clearly the media will not hold them to any kind of standards as long as they hew to the party line.

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