Sunday, January 26, 2014

Another Example of the High Cost of "Free Trade"

Pat Buchanan, at, discusses yet another consequence of our nations so-called free trade policy. The United States is discovering. It now turns out that the Factories that the U.S. have exported to China turn out to not have the environmental controls that plants in the west do.

The smog from factories in China, not choosing to remain there is being
blown across the Pacific to American soil. One of the little exports China is now excelling in is "Black Carbon", which is arriving on our doorstep bringing cancer, heart and lung ailments, and emphysema. Oh well, at least the health care industry can see enough increased profits to off-set Obama care.
The Chinese government is now arguing that the United States should help pay the cost of cleaning up China's environment. No doubt, those subsidiaries of Wal-Mart, the President and Congress will fork over the cash.

China, in dealing with America takes a carrot and stick approach. The carrot is the promise of  Huge short term profits to big business which then bribes the politicians to work against the interests of the people. The stick is its increased belligerence threatening it's neighbors and gloating at which American cities its nuclear weapons can reach.

The political and economic contradictions that China faces in giving lip service to its Marxist ideology, while maintaining an oligarchical Kleptocracy are obvious. Only the fact that eastern culture prizes obedience and maintaining the status quo keeps the system together,combinedwith the fact that China, unlike the US is increasing the wages of its working class holds things together. China could suddenly collapse.

However history has shown one of the ways to keep such a society together is to get the people dreaming of empire. China is obviously embarked on this path. Only if the American people fight to regain their constitutional role from the global business oligarchy in the country can we be truly safe frome the bullying of China.

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