Friday, January 17, 2014

Egypts New Constitution, Hopeful Sign?

Results from Egypt are in, and indications are that the Egyptian population has voted overwhelmingly to support the new proposed constitution for Egypt. The new constitution is seem as a significant moderation of the Constitution proposed by supporter of Mohamed Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood member.

The vote showed that over 97% were recorded as having voted no. If the process is legitimate the vote is  a major support for General and prospective presidential candidate, Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, who staged the removal of Morsi from power, in July, 2013.

 If the Egyptian people support El-Sisi over Morsi. it could very well be a sign that they have repudiated the methods and goals of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi and the Brotherhood boycotted the vote while their Islamic Fundamentalists rivals in the Nour party.

If the majority of Egyptians sincerely support El-Sisi, and the new Constitution it could be an indication that the Fervor for fanatical Islamic fundamentalism is beginning to wane, at least in Egypt. This would certainly be wonderful news for Egypt's Coptic Christians.

It would be ironic if Egypt deposed the military ruler Mubarak only to replace him with a military ruler in only three years. Among other things it presents the dilemma to the west. Historically we have favored Representative governments, but when given a choice between a politically hostile regime that is democratically elected vs a friendly regime that isn't, what do we do?

Such dilemmas are the product of our interventionist foreign policy. It is road which leads to supporting rulers  who may be "SOBs, but at least they're our SOBs."

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