Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jesus Not Allowed In School

Fox News' Todd Starnes writes about the report from Merced Elementary school in California, that Isaiah Martinez, 6, had his candy cane taken from him by a teacher who informed him "Jesus is not allowed in school!" His mistake was not to give out the candy , which could be scene as a metaphor of the entitlement state, or a celebration of Xmas commercialism, but the canes came with a message about Christmas, (the celebration not the sale.) The alert teacher immediately confiscated the offensive materials.

The teacher, Valerie Lu, immediately consulted her superior who confirmed her courageous decision to protect children from the evil Christian message.The vigilant Lu then ripped the Christian messages off the cane and then threw them into a box.

The hatred the Political-Educational-Hollywood complex has for Christianity is clear. Does anyone really imagine if the Child had been distributing Muslim, Jewish, Kwanzaa, or Gay messages that  Lu, (the article referred to her as "ms" a term I refuse to use,) would have been as proactive or felt the need to be.

Christians must prepare for this to increase. The hatred the unbelieving world has for Christ is insatiable.
They have certainly made Isaiah aware his beliefs are unwelcome.

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