Sunday, January 19, 2014

Government Demands Italian Journalist to Support Homosexual Aims

The Newsite, is reporting that the Italian State's Ministry for Equal Opportunities, has sent out guidelines requiring journalist to write articles that do not "discriminate", against homosexuals and transsexuals. It says that talk show cannot have programs that debate or show two sides regarding sodomy but can only do shows that portray it in a positive light.

The guidelines will graciously permit public statements by political figures and groups but must be careful not to reveal any support for the statements which must be placed in quotations. They must then explain that the opinions expressed are wrong.

The guidelines make it clear to journalist that they can be punished including loss of job and further penalties that will befall them when new "anti-homophobia legislation" is passed. the guidelines even state what words can be used.  Sex and Gender must be distinguished from each other "Sexual Orientation" must be used instead of "preference" to make clear it is not a matter of choice.

Journalist will not be allowed to mention the possibility of a homosexual changing. (of course mentioning a normal person becoming a homosexual would be ok.) Journalist are told to say that someone declares they are homosexual rather than flaunt or confess because that would imply homosexuality is a sin which the guidelines, in their theological wisdom declare it is not.

Italian statesman, Allesandro Pagano, describing the guidelines as Absurd and being reminiscent of fascist
intimidation of journalists. According to Pagano the first target of the guidelines will obviously be religious journalists, and those who oppose the sodomites from religious motivations.

This is an example of just how far the left and the homophile lobby will go to further their agenda. They don't want to debate you, or argue with you they want to shut you up. The growing global statists and their Gaystapo will not stop until they have silenced every voice that could be raised against them. In Italy, Like Europe, and Like America, the lights of civilization are going out. The alternatives are clear: repentance or judgement.

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