Tuesday, January 14, 2014

China to Aid Nicaraguan Communist to Build Canal

The "South China Morning post" has reported that the Communist gorvernt of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua have arrived in China to participate in talks to create a canal in Panama to Connect the Atlantic and Pacific.A Hong Kong development company has been commisioned by the government of Nicaragua to build the canal, at a cost of 40 Billion dollars.

The Chairman of the development company HKND, is giving assurances that the purpose of the canal is strictly commercial and has no military purpose. He also made the assertion that the government of China had no part in the commisioning of the canal.

The son of Communist Strongman Ortega, Laureno Ortega Murillo, led the delegation to China. meanwhile,  another member Francisco Siles, hailed the project as heralding  "a new historical phase" in Chinese-Nicaraguan relations.

Given the history of the two regimes and their reprensenatives, their assurances of the canals purpose . and the possible role of the Chinese regime in it must be taken as relatively valueless. It is becoming increasingly evident that the government in China is determined to achieve global economic and military hegemony, and seeks to achieve it at the expense of the west in general and America in particular.

Whether the canal will have a stragegic military role or not will depend on its structure and depth. Given China's massive naval building program it would seem likely it will be built with potential military use in mind. Apart from its military potential , the canal will certainly aid the Chinese regime in moving its exports throughout the North American market further eroding our manufactoring base, expanding our trade imbalance, and impovershing our working class.

Meanwhile China, facing regional and religious dissent, a working class that is demanding a bigger share of the pie will need something to divert its people from the disparities and contradictions in the Chinese Communist social structure. Add the fact that its one child policy means that there are millions more males that females, and the prospects of China becoming ever more agressive

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