Friday, July 4, 2014

Fracking and Environmentalism's Strange Allies

At The New American, it reports that the secretary-general of NATO now says that Putin's Neo-Soviet
intelligence services are providing support to the environmentalist's anti "fracking" movement. Environmental groups have long asserted that Fracking, (using high pressure water to extract natural gas from shale), is detrimental. Russia's interests is to maintain high prices for its natural gas market. Greenpeace has claimed that it has "no knowledge" of Russian support. (well, what we don't know wont hurt us).

This is nothing new. The KGB not only financed and controlled the "ban the bomb" movement of the 60s and the Nuclear Freeze movement of the 1980s, but the Soviets also supported the environmentalists who were opposed to Nuclear energy, all the while building every nuclear reactor it could, (remember Chernobyl?)
So strong was Russian support for this, that American Communist Party head Gus Hall wrote one of his few books on environmentalism.

The environmental movement, especially in its current global  warming incarnation is primarily a political movement. Its solution to everything is to increase power of central and global government in the name of preserving nature. Every answer that it provides will cost jobs in the west, transfer wealth to the third world, and building the nanny state.

When I decide to vote for president, I always ask myself who the enemies of my country would want to see win. Similarly I always ask myself who a movements allies are and why do they support it. we should certainly be concerned about environmentalism's "strange bedfellows".

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