Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alvin Holmes and Mule Marriage

The Future Mrs. Holmes?
Alvin the Rep. not the chipmunk
Alabama state representative and black racist Alvin Holmes has long been noted for being a radical leftist loony. In the past he has been noted for his race pimping stunts like offering $100,000 to anyone who could show whites in Alabama who had adopted black children.  Naturally when shown many examples he refused to pay up.

Now he has in a recent interview advocated bestiality, saying that its ok for a man to marry a mule as long as "they get along". Of course being a jackass rep. Holmes can forgiven for taking a light-hearted view of man-mule nuptials.  However his statement demonstrates a common thread among the left of forging an alliance of the black and homosexual interests.

In part this demonstrates a major problem in black culture, particularly the black church. According to polls, black women are the most religious people in America, yet illegitimacy in their community is reaching epic proportions. Obviously the black church is failing to provide any moral guidance to its community and is in serious need of reformation.

A similar problem is noted in the Hispanic community which though supposedly Catholic is even more tolerant of Sodomite marriage that any other ethnic group. Apparently when given a choice between these issues and loyalty to the Democratic party with its socialist and homophile agenda; when asked to choose between their religious beliefs and bigger EBT cards or unrestricted immigration they clearly will choose the Democrats.

One can only hope that these two groups will experience the prayed for reformation. If not then we face the accelerated destruction of western cicilization.

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