Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembering the Ukrainian Holocaust!

Does any of this look familiar? why don't these victims
receive the same attention as Hitler's?
Victims of  the Ukrainian Famine.
It Is the 80th Anniversary of the Mass government induced famine in the Ukraine.This was a famine induced by the Atheistic Government of the Soviet Union.
The Soviet government, to break the Ukrainian people first collectivized the farms, then confiscated the grain to sell to other countries for industrial machinery. Millions died. Thanks to the political character of the Western Media and Academia this mass slaughter and all the other mass slaughters committed by the left has never received the smallest fraction of the attention given to the Nazi murders. For a good treatment of the little known subject I would urge you to watch, "The Soviet Story", By the Latvian Director Edvīns Šnore. The film also does an excellent job of showing the similarities of Communism and Nazism, the two great Anti-Christ movements of the 20th century.

 An excellent article about how it is forgotten can be found here:

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