Monday, November 18, 2013

Dialing for Death! The Abortion Telethon.

The latest insanity is found at . Sally Kohn in an article in the Daily Beast"titled "Hello Texas? Abortion rights calling "
from the ancient Khmer. A demon performing an abortion
The author announces her intention to participate in a telethon with "comedians", Liz Winstead, (see yesterdays post) and Sarah Silverman to raise to pay for abortions in Texas. Calling on women, (pro abortion women that is), to raise their voices , "On Monday, November 18. this chorus of voices will be even more loud-and laughing"1.  Calling for protest in the "state of Wendy Davis and Jane Rowe" {ignoring the face that "Roe", t/n Norma McCovey, turned against abortion in her mature years.) It is no real shock that far leftist like this trio love the culture of death that is the ethos which they have been surrounded by their whole lives. The truly sad thing is they can tie it to comedy. What's next, an infanticide telethon, Euthanasia telethon. I can understand, however profoundly I may disagree, that some could convince themselves that abortion was sometimes necessary. That someone could be so debased as to revel in and celebrate the slaughter going on at abortion clinics. Well they wont get the blood on their hands. The stains on their souls be harder to avoid.


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