Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Fruits of the Clinton/Bush/Obama adminstration Perpetual poverty for the masses perpetual wealth for the elite!

In an article in Nov. 11 National Review online Kevin D. Williamson "The $5 Problem", reflects just how disastrous the American economy has become for working class Americans. In it he cites a Credit Suisse study which show that American median Adult wealth has fallen to 38,786, or number 27 in the world. The report demonstrates among other  the value of stable families with the net wealth of married couples 35-49 is almost 8 times that of single men, (being single I can affirm that one,.) For single women its worse for minorities worse still. In fact he mentions a quote by Sample Terrablanche at Stellenbosch University which reveals that After 5 years of Obama black Americans have a median wealth disparity  greater than that between blacks and whites at the height of apartheid.

The report discloses that the average Black males income between that of the average adult in
Swaziland and Sri Lanka. 15% of white households have a net worth of Zero or negative. Nearly half of single black or Hispanic women, 36-49 have an income that is zero or negative. as a group these
women actually have a net worth of $5.

What does this tell us? We can see that the Great Society programs and the welfare state have done more to impoverish minorities and the white working class than the worst racist could dream of.
The sexual revolutions war on the family have condemned millions of women in America to a life of perpetual poverty and dependence. Our governments policies of Free trade and unrestricted immigration have exported the jobs and income from these jobs from the working class overseas and
enriched a small group of billionaires at the expense of Millions.

Obama and Bush, the representatives of the party of envy and the party of greed, have done their deadly work. The one wants to create an army of poor, which like the mob of the later Roman republic can be used as a tool to perpetuate their power. The other will sacrifice the Lives and future of the working class to continue to amass their wealth. That is why, though the income of most Americans is declining there are more millionaires than ever and the stock market hits all time highs.

The time has come for the American people to take there country back. Black and Hispanic Americans need to see that the welfare state is a trap. Clinging to Obama like a drowning man clinging to a rock will avail them nothing. To see that free trade and immigration are destroying them as much as majority of white Americans. The great American middle class whose numbers are declining need to see that the Rulers of this country have no more regard for them than the poor and will take their wealth in time.

"Have the workers of iniquity no knowledge, Who eat up my people [as] they eat bread, And call not upon God?" Psalm 53:4

The $5 dollar problem:,
Credit Suisse report:

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