Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cave Women, Darwinism , And The Shifting Claims of Evolution.

A new sensation is being drummed up in the media over an all female, (not sure why this is important to what is supposed to be a scientific expedition), Scientist have been exploring caves in South Africa.  There they claimed to have found very significant Hominid fossils. The NBC news online science desk made sure we know what a sacred moment this is.

"The cranium and a hominin jawbone were among the most-prized specimens. "Cuddled the cranium all morning, then made first run carrying fossils entire way. Getting the hang of this!" Gurtov reported.

By the end of the day, a box containing the cranium was carefully handed up from the depths by a human chain. "Lots of celebration out here. Rising moon, beautiful evening, and twenty celebrating people," Hawks wrote.

Gurtov exulted over the skull's retrieval. "CRANIUM IS OUT! No revealsies until tomorrow, though," she tweeted. "Needs pampering." nbc

As Richard Milton has observed when you look at the display and museum that contain early Hominid fossils that they have a remarkable resemblance to Religious shrines or temples. They are in fact the these fossils are relics of our societies Humanists, Darwinists, faith.

We know what will happen. As in the past, someone will declare the discovery of mans ancestors
and proof of human evolution. Over time it will be quietly discovered that the fossil is merely a "branch" on the family tree. This will not get any media attention. This is the trend that has happened again and again from Piltdown man and the Coelacanth to "Lucy"

I've always found it a humorous coincidence that operating in a modern academic community that has
become both rabidly Europhobic and Afrocentric One thing that they are absolutely certain of is that man originated in Africa. No doubt in the future they will determine the earliest hominids were gay and that hominid society was matriarchal.

Well until the next group of Scientist, (no doubt a group of Aboriginal, Lesbian , Handicapped persons) makes the next outstanding discovery we'll have to make do with this one.

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