Saturday, November 2, 2013

Obama and the "Healthy Ho's"

CNNs Money, program featured "Siouxsie Q", a San Francisco area prostitute, (excuse me, "Sex worker") with the help of friends from her weekly show "The Whorecast", to get others of her profession to sign up for Obamacare. Another "sex worker" attended to demonstrate the Sign up process. It turns out that since most of these Entrepreneur's obviously don't report the income from their "sex work" they will be receiving the full credit for Obamacare. Having agreed to subsidize
illegitimacy, Illegal immigration, and refusal  to work we are now going to reward prostitution. Even ancient Rome never come up with this one. While one wishes for the good health of the prostitutes, even if they continue in their unfortunate practice, it is absurd for our society to encourage it. What kind of mental midget supports the politicians that advocate these things?
Noel Sheppard tells us at  It explains how Rob Reiner, from the old show "All In The Family", argues that Hillary Clinton would be the most qualified person to ever
run for President. In the video "meathead" gives his unqualified endorsement to the Secretary. (sorry you young people will just have to look up the "meathead" reference".

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