Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Alec Baldwin Unperson!

As a follow up to an earlier story I offer the following from News Busters. In an article It notes the cancelling of Baldwin's show for "anti-gay slurs" aimed at Martin Bashir, Vice President of the "Gay Rights" group, GLAAD. Leaving off Baldwins slew of profanities he made the interesting observation that, "But you've got the fundamentalist wing of gay advocacy—Rich Ferraro and Andrew Sullivan—they're out there, they've got you. Rich Ferraro, this is probably one of his greatest triumphs. They killed my show. And I have to take some responsibility for that myself."{1}

Baldwin is correct in his observation about "Gay Fundamentalist". They will not stop until any criticism of the homophile agenda becomes impossible. Baldwin is wrong if he believes any apology or attempt to mollify them short of complete capitulation will work. One wishes that he would follow in the path of his brother in turning to Christ. While this will certainly not deflect the storm of hate that will be directed at him it will give him far greater blessing that acting fame and the approval of the Bashirs of this world.

{1}: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/11/26/msnbc-cancels-baldwins-show-over-gay-slur-still-no-punishment-bashirs#ixzz2loUft52L

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