Saturday, November 30, 2013

Obama Keeps his Promises, NOW REPEAT!, Obama keeps his promises

Obama and Friend
Noel Sheppard, at Newsbusters, reports on Barbara Walters fawning interview of Barack and Michelle Obama. The low point of the interview came when Michelle proclaimed that her husband, "always keeps his Promises.". Barbara, No doubt aided by years of Cosmetic surgery was able to keep a straight face during all of this. Long ago Walters and the bulk of the
others in the main street media decided to drink the kool-aid
for Obama, Even the pretense that they are not his devoted followers has been abandoned. Not since the age of Kennedy has the fifth Estate been so supine.

Sadly all this notes a strength of the Democratic Party. Obama and his minions do keep the promises they make to their ideological followers. He has kept his promises to the Abortionists, He has bent over backwards to keep to the letter the promises he has made to the Homosexuals. The Food stamp recipients will happily note he has kept his promises to them, as will the illegal alien community.

What a contrast this is with the behavior of recent Republican presidents. Generally they only pay any heed to their social conservative base during the primaries, rushing to return to the political center during the general election, then demanding they sit quietly in the back of the bus after the election. Certainly Obama is a liar who frequently ignores his promises but one wishes that our leaders would keep as many as he keeps.

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