Friday, November 15, 2013

Pray for Coy!

Note the propaganda use of these pictures picture on
left uses b/w with harsh lighting and frown. the "pref
erred picture is shown in color with the child smiling and
happy. these manipulations are common in propaganda.
Our Second post is also inspired by the Briefing. "Rolling Stone" magazines online edition features an article by Sabrina Rubin Erdely, celebrating the criminal child abuse that is being inflicted on a little boy, Coy Mathis by his parents. According to his mother, (the article doesn't quote the father
much.} young Coy supposedly from a very early age began expressing his desire to be a girl. It is clear from the article that the parents {the mother at least) encouraged his feelings in this regard. as the article states "She wondered whether their toddler might be gay. The notion sat fine with her.
The Mathises were recent transplants from Austin and considered themselves progressive and open-minded; Kathryn herself had a gay sister. But she told no one of her suspicion about Coy – it felt creepily premature to speculate about the sexuality of a kid still in diapers."1

Its clear from the article that the  at every step the deeply disturbed child's behavior was positively reinforced. He was allowed at an early age to dress as a girl and no attempt seems to have been made to alter it. According to the mother young Coy then asked ""Then one night in January 2010, Kathryn was tucking him in for bed under his pink quilt, and Coy, then three, seemed upset. "What's wrong?" she asked. Coy, his head resting against his kitty-cat-print pillow, hugged his pink stuffed pony with the glittery mane that he'd gotten for Christmas and said nothing, his mouth bent in a tight frown. "Tell me," Kathryn urged. Coy's chin began to quiver.
"When am I going to get my girl parts?" he asked softly.
"What do you mean?"
"When are we going to go to the doctor to have me fixed?" Coy asked, tears now spilling down his cheeks. "To get my girl parts?"1
Now if anyone thought that this unfortunate child thought of this on his own then I have a large Tower in Paris I'll sell you cheap. Now what will be the fruit of this. If things continue the child will have the so-called "sex Change" surgery that has such a rate of failure that John Hopkins Univ. that once was the leading performer of them no longer does them.

Coy's mothers answer is a simple one. "The best way to explain it is, no bodies are the same. Some girls have penises and some boys have vulvas."1 Sorry Mrs. Mathis but they don't . Coy was born with a Y Chromosome and is a male, like God made him. All the reinforcement of his problem you have given will not change that. Any future mutilations done to him by the medical community will not change that, only make him another of the sad pathetic individuals who have been altered in this way.

The sad thing is that this would have once have been seen as what it is child abuse. Now its considered trendy. The rest of the article is predictable. No other position is given except in caricature to be ridiculed. Religious and Political conservatives are derided, as is any normal person who thinks this sort of thing is wrong. One prays for Coy, his deluded parents, and even Mrs. Erdely who is exploiting them all to further a socio-political agend


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