Saturday, November 23, 2013

Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace in Afghanistan!

(firstly let me say that I know I swiped the title. but I was direct. I did not swipe it from Gore Vidal, but from Harry Elmer Barnes who Vidal swiped it from).

Word has reached us that Our Lords and Masters in Washington that we have assured the SOBs (who are our SOBs), in Afghanistan, that Americans will continue to die, and Billions continued to be extorted from the Tax slaves to prop up the regime in Afghanistan. John Kerry has signed a provisional agreement assuring
Warlord Mohammed Karzai we will be allowing Americans to remain in Afghanistan for the next 10 years, and to spend more billions propping up the Karzai government.

George Orwell, in 1984 described a tripartite division of the world into, Oceania, Eurasia, and East Asia. In rotation two of the trio would always be fighting the other.Smith ,the protagonist discovers that the Wars are not intended to be won, they are instead designed to be fought perpetually to consume resources and keep the people under control.

History has demonstrated that Civil liberties are always curtailed in war time, and government control of the economy always expands. The problem was the wars always ended. Our Masters have now concluded that the answer is to have wars that never end. It began with the Cold War. Our soldiers have been in Korea and Europe since 1945. Now we have the war on terror. This is even better. Since the terrorist can strike in America (and of course our society  facilitates this by unrestricted immigration and tolerance for Islam, while persecuting Christians), there is a vital need to restrict Our liberties in the name of security.

Now you can't take a shuttle bus from Manchester NH to Boston without displaying a "government", Id.
Sitting in Bostons south station, you see guards armed with automatic weapons and bomb sniffing dogs while the intercom warns you .had better not leave luggage or packages unattented. We live in a country that increasingly resembles a minimum security prison.This of course increases fear of the government. (I've even experienced moments of Paranoia when I see a number of views of  this blog from Washington D.C.)

Now we have perpetual war and a perpetual surveillance state. The radicals in the 60s, wanted to bring the Vietnam War to the streets of American. Their spiritual descendants, like Obama, have brought perpetual war to your hometown.

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