Saturday, November 9, 2013

Is The Calvinist the New Jew?

A phenomenon that we see in broader evangelicalism in the last few years is a rising tide of animosity and downright hatred of Calvinism and Reformed Theology. Some of the prime examples of this are found in the Calvary Chapel movement And the Southern Baptist Church. An example can be found at Where Calvary Chapel pastor Bob Coy
explains the dangers of Both the "extreme" Calvinist and the Arminist.{sic}(it seems the non-Calvinist are incapable of spelling Arminian much less defining it. According to Insiders there has been a systematic purge of anyone holding Reformed views at Calvary Chapel. Another example would be George Bryson's, the Dark side of Calvinism.

On the other hand you also have the Southern Baptist. Time after time you find a Coterie of Individuals in SBC Churches who are strenuously attacking Calvinist. The Now Disgraced
but still active Ergun Caner only a short while ago was calling Calvinism a Disease, And saying it was worse than Islam. Meanwhile, in recent years every prominent SBC past has to dust off his anti
Calvinist sermon, all of which sound suspiciously alike.

What is this all about. In the Hitler era . the fuehrer Needed a group that could be blamed for problems of Germany. He settled on the Jews. Every act of tyranny suppression and war was blamed on them and they were founded guilty and killed. Similarly the SBC needs a scapegoat for its
Falling Baptism Statistics, So blame it on the Calvinist.  The Calvinist Kill Evangelism The Calvinist cause divisions, The Calvinists poison the wells and steal babies, well you get the idea. Its far easier to blame someone else for failures rather than to accept them yourself.

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