Saturday, November 2, 2013

Huffington and The "Right Wing Freakout"

The Huffington Post' "Gay Voices" Page is trumpeting what it describes as a "right wing Freakout"
Over the American Psychiatric Associations upgrading Pedophilia as just another "sexual preference"
Ariana, the lefts Lisa Douglas
from a disorder. in the DSM . After public outrage the APA announced that the reclassification was a "mistake". Well the Huffington Post has long been a tout for the homosexual movement. Ariana Huffington and her husband were masquerading as conservatives until the wealthy Mr. Huffington failed in trying to buy a Senate seat and came out as a bisexual. (Im only surprised that one of these two wasn't put forward as a republican presidential candidate.) The accommodating and Flexible Mrs Huffington apparently had no trouble accepting this exotic ( and given Huffington's wealth profitable) marital relationship , but quickly abandoned her faux conservatism for Kooky left politics.

I think most of us know that the APA did not make a mistake it just jumped the Gun. The ground work for preparing the public to accept Ped. has not yet been laid. As the right wing "Freakouts"
explained the precedent has already been set. Prior to the 70s Homosexuality was a mental illness
suddenly the APA declared it to be a mere "preference". Did the science change? No, the politics changed and Mr. Huffington went from being a pervert to being chicly Bi. Kinsey, Himself "bi", paved the way for accepting Homosexuality and argued that Early sexual experience with older more mature individual could be good for the young. (arguments frequently made by the molesters themselves.)

Ultimately there are only two obstacles to the Lefts acceptance of Pedophilia. 1.) The question of whether such a "relationship" could be consensual and 2.) the revulsion of society for the practice.
In a society that believes that children can choose whether or not they can have abortions and birth control, are competent to "change" their gender identity, and as being advocated in Belgium the right to assisted suicide does anyone doubt they will eventually find Children who say they "consent"
to a relationship with an adult. In the case of Revulsion, well society was once revolted by Homosexuality and Abortion.

If one accepts the Post-Modern Materialistic philosophical relativism that dominates or culture and the current Science/Medical Orthodoxy, one has no base for saying Child molestation, or anything is "wrong". For something to be morally wrong requires a law. A transcendent Law requires a law giver. In such a world something can only be malum prohibitum, It can never be malum in se. Welcome to the Brave New World!

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