Monday, November 4, 2013

Passwords and Depravity

Have you noticed over the years the trend in computer passwords. When I began using them in the mid nineties you could have almost anything. Over the years however, due to hacking and other forms of internet theft the password have continuously gotten longer and more complicated. At my job you now have to have a combination of Upper\lower case letters, Numbers and special symbols
and it changes every 90 days. At this rate we will soon have to included hieroglyphs or Sumerian Cuneiform symbols. Similarly look at our currency. every other year or so the government comes out with new notes they say are "counterfeit proof". yet they never are. They change so often I doubt anyone knows what a genuine one actually looks like. (although I suppose its fitting that they look more and more like monopoly money given their declining worth.) The perfect password is no more attainable than is the perfect banknote. Those of us who are believers know why this is so. Man Has an inherently corrupt nature due to the fall. Yet he retains the intelligence and ingenuity that comes from being created in the image of God. Man cannot make a lock that human greed cannot pick. Just as in the ancient world thieves devised small drills with which they could remove gold from the insides of coins, so man can outwit any attempt to thwart his innate depravity. In  what was formerly Christendom the objective moral teachings of the scriptures did something to check this.
As our post-modern, atheist society sinks deeper into the abyss that check is rapidly vanishing. Corruption of ever greater degrees and ever higher levels is striking us like a tidal wave. We must pray for an outpouring of Gods spirit to renew our society.

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