Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Obama's "Scandal Free" administration.

News Busters at, Reports that Liberal media are proclaiming the ethical character of the Obama admin. Beginning of Course with the Obama Admins Propaganda network,
NPR."This War on Facts erupted on "The Diane Rehm Show" on NPR on November 4. Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus stubbornly stuck with ignorance by proclaiming "this has been a really relatively scandal-free administration, first term and second term." CNN political analyst David Gergen seconded that bizarre assertion: "This has been a scandal-free administration by and large, and we should appreciate that."
Washington Post media reporter Paul Farhi agrees with his colleague Ruth Marcus. He's also blaming the media for Obama's woes. "It's often a scandal what the news media finds [sic] to be a scandal," he tweeted, linking to a Sunday commentary he wrote complaining that the Obama scandals that erupted in May have been exposed as somehow phony. "A few months later, these `scandals' look more ambiguous and a lot less scandalous."
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Well if one ignores Benghazi, Using the IRS to target political enemies, Spying on, and reading the emails of Journalist by the Justice Dept. Then well there's no scandal.

This is typical of the Left through out history. For example every Republican President and Vice President since the 50s, with the exception of Nixon and Cheney has been portrayed as stupid. (Nixon and Cheney were portrayed as Darth Vader types, hard to reconcile with stupidity.)
Every Democratic President is portrayed as Intelligent, even Jimmy Carter, and Truman, (who was so brilliant he believed the greatest postwar threat would be British Imperialism.)

Ultimately the American Left takes its intellectual methodology from Marxist-Leninism , Truth is what serves the needs of the Party/cause.

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