Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oops , Obama's 18 year old "gay pride" honoree arrested for abusing 14 year old.

Caleb Laieski, 18 , a homosexual "gay activist teenager, who achieved notoriety as an "anti-bullying" activist, was made an adviser to the Mayor of Phoenix and celebrated at Obama's "gay Pride dinner at the white house has been indicted on numerous accounts of sexual abuse of a 14 year old

Caleb was arrested for a three way sexual counter with the 14 year old and a 43 year old Phoenix police officer Chris Wilson, who ironically was the Police Depts. liaison (literally it seems),to the homosexual communities. Laieski who was a "Youth and Diversity Liaison" claimed he met the younger boy on a social media sits for the 13-24 year olds who are "interested" in homosexuality.

In an article on The "Free Rebublic"1 website
"The alleged sex between the three occurred late in 2012 at Laieski’s apartment, where the 14-year-old was also staying. (Laieski told investigators that the younger boy’s mother wanted them to “be together as a couple” and would often drop her son off for “weeks at a time” at his apartment, where he lived alone.) After a dinner at Chili’s restaurant during which the 14-year-old reportedly made aggressive sexual overtures toward Wilson, Wilson drove the boys back to Laieski’s apartment and went inside with them. Eventually, the three ended up in bed together. "
What can we say of this. Ironically it was a lesbian, the self proclaimed "conservative" Tammy Bruce, who made the observation, well known in the psychology world, of a very large percentage of Homosexuals being initiated into sex by someone notably older than themselves. the fact that there are now sites where 13 year old children can ask 24 year old men about Homosexuality is telling.The decision to allow open homesexuals to work in police depts , schools etc will lead to increase incidents like these. It is often said you cant legislate morality, which is ridicuolous all laws stem from morality. What you cant do is legislate nature, and all attempts by the state to do so will fail. 

Interestingly Laieskis arrest may have marked the end of a promising political career. As free republic notes, "In transcripts taken from police records, it seems clear Laieski understood their encounter with Wilson was wrong and could get him in trouble. When the younger boy begged Laieski to go with him to the police, Laieski told him no. He said he was negotiating with Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius over a possible White House job, and he worried that if anyone found out he’d been involved in a crime, he’d lose the opportunity.
“Can you please come with me?” the boy begged Laieski via iMessage. “I don’t want to do this alone.”
Laieski refused. “I can not do that,” he said. “Reports are public record and I don’t need that press. Nor does our city.” 

Final Note: Laieski has passed a test ot entering the Police Academy"

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