Monday, November 25, 2013

Pope Puts Idol, (Oops, I Mean Relic) On display.

Francis, the bishop of Rome made a public appearance this weekend, at which he claimed to have the bones of Peter the apostle in a Jeweled box. The "pope" then joined the crowd in praying to the bones in the box, giving them the prayer and worship due to God alone. The irony is that none of the "popes" has ever used it's purported infallibility to declare the bones authentic. So they were actually praying to what may or may not have been the bones of Peter. No test can be made on the bones because of concern for a curse that was placed on anyone who would disturb the tomb. Well whether its the bones of Peter or King Tut, they are not the objects of prayer and worship. they should be resting in the earth awaiting the Resurrection, not paraded around as a focus of idol worship.

Those of use who are protestants should give thanks for the liberation from such superstitions by the Reformation. We should also pray for the deluded "roman catholics" that they would be delivered from superstition. Our faith is to be in Christ not bits of bone.

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