Thursday, November 14, 2013

Atheist Mega Churches!

I heard about this morning on Al Mohler. I was tempted to post it in the humor section. CBS news has an article listed below. Founded a couple of years ago by a pair of English Comedians, there are now over three dozen of these congregations in America, Britain, and Australia. From the description the whole thing has a very, "lost in the 1960s" feel about it.

Personally, I think that the whole thing is a fad. It's hard to believe that this whole game wont become very tiresome after a while. There are a lot more fun ways to pass ones time and for those who are actually seeking something deeper certainly wont find it in this movement.

Frankly one doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. One hopes God will, for these people use the absurdity of going to a "Church" to deny the existence of God to lead them to repentance and salvation. My question is does this movement demonstrate that man is inherently religious or is it, Like the Church of Satan, or the Pagan movement that are merely immature people celebrating their rebellion against God or both.

PS: I wonder if they'll seek tax exempt status?

Atheist "mega-churches" take root across U.S., world - CBS News

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