Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The "Knockout Game" Where the Real Racist Are!

The American Liberal media, for reasons known only to themselves has finally lifted its years long blackout on discussing the "knockout game". This is a phenomenon where gangs of black teens roam the street beating up elderly men almost always white, though sometimes asian, or hispanic. The goal is knock someone unconscious with a single blow. hundreds have been seriously injured and led to a number of deaths.This has been going on for years in the inner city, to the deafening silence of the liberal media. It is obvious that the media has ignored this because the victims were white. Most disheartening is the silence of the black Church which seems incapable of providing Moral influence on its community. (witness the fact that though survey show black women are the most religious people in America yet the Illegitimacy among black women is over 70%.

If you doubt this all you have to do is ask what it would be like if the situation were reversed. Imagine the
lack of silence that would attend gangs of young whites roaming the streets beating up elderly black men.
There would be regular news specials talking about systemic racism in the white community. Every drama show on television would feature it in at least one episode. Celebrities would make their voices heard. MTV would be calling on American youth to take a stand against Racism. Songs would be written. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be on TV nightly, pimping race with all their might. Movies by Michael Moore and Quentin Tarentino would appear. Classes condemning the behavior would be taught in the schools.

None of this has happened. The reality is the black community is systemically racist. This racism is, however,
has been presented by the media and accepted by the black community as justifiable. They have repeatedly been nursed on the idea that they are entitled to their hatreds and the crimes that flow from it. Racism, and racist like Jackson, Sharpton, and Farrakhan are allowed to spew their hate and are taken seriously by the media and admired by the black community. Compare the white and black communities. The Klan, Nazis etc. are regarded as absurd and marginalized in the white communities. Black racists like Farrakhan, Sharpton and others are according to every poll widely admired in the black community. Rap stars and black stage comedians spew hatred at white people to widespread approval.

The white community has been so indoctrinated by the liberal media that they cannot even bring themselves to protest this phenomenon. This must change. The white community must begin speaking out to stop this phenomenon and must learn to overcome the idea that to defend yourself and you community is racist. As Christians we must pray for the health of the victims and the repentance of the criminals. But we must also
pray and fight for justice. We must pray that those in the black community who profess to be Christians
will act like Christians and repudiate this behavior and begin addressing the problems in their community that
injure both them and us.

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