Sunday, November 3, 2013

Political Darwinism, and The flexible Convictions of Tom Ridge.

Tom Ridge in prayerful pose prior to his evolution
Tom Ridge , former governor of Pennsylvania, and former homeland security director has made a major speech to the "log cabin Republicans", representing the Sodomite wing of the Republican Party. In it he, in his latest attempt to embrace the homosexuals has proclaimed that the republican party is too "self-righteous". Speaking of his amicus brief urging the supreme court to overturn Prop 8, He said
 “I thought it was an opportunity for me, one, I’m on the amicus brief, so everybody knows my position, but also to speak to a group of Republicans — on a variety of issues and on a philosophy that I hope most of them embrace as I talk about what we need to start winning national elections and, frankly, be a more positive and compelling force for change in the 21st Century. You can’t change government unless you win elections. Our roots are conservative, but we should be far less — not even far less — we oughtta quit being judgmental.” Apparently Ridge has no  trouble being "judgmental" about those who are opposed to gay marriage.
In words Reminiscent of those of Barak Obamas teleprompter, Ridge has discussed his own process ,"On gay issues, Ridge acknowledges, he has traversed quite a path to get to that place of tolerance, saying, “Life, politics and government is a journey, and your positions on issues as you go along that journey may become more fully embedded or, because of circumstances or other changes, they can change. As you know, when I was governor, I signed the Defense of Marriage Act [in Pennsylvania]. Since that time, frankly, my point of view has evolved.”
Well it was always my understanding that evolution caused species to go from invertebrate to vertebrate so technically Ridge is devolving. Sadly ethical Chameleons Like Ridge are all to common in the  Republican Party. Ridge is just one of the more despicably obvious examples.
History has demonstrated two things are required to achieve Tyranny. One is the tyrant himself, whether Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, etc. The other thing that is needed is a large number of people like Ridge who are Morally flexible. People who can accommodate and accept the tyrant for their own advantage. They make the tyrants tyranny possible. The intelligent voter will ask what position a creature like Ridge would not be willing to "evolve" on.
Ridge has done the Homosexuals no favor. He is encouraging them in their rebellion against God and has helped sustain them in their unbelief. They will come to judgment and will curse him for the role he played in promoting their self deception.

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