Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chaplains Punished for Being too Religious!

link to great article in The New American http://www.thenewamerican.com/culture/faith-and-morals/item/16935-chaplains-mocked-forced-out-of-va-program-for-their-christian-beliefs
Details how two Chaplains, one active duty and one retired were harassed out of a training program for Chaplains wanting to serve in the VA. According to the Chaplains "The two chaplains charge that they were ridiculed and taunted by the program's director, Nancy Dietsch, a VA employee with a reputation for antagonism toward evangelical Christians, charged John Wells, the attorney representing the two chaplains in the suit. “She’s been very, very critical of Christians,” Wells told Fox News. “Instead of teaching anything dealing with faith issues, she’s dealing with a holistic, humanistic approach. It’s the idea that the spirit comes from within.”

Among other things they were told not to quote scripture in the class. It is clear our masters understand the danger posed to their rule, Just as the Rulers of ancient Rome did. Our modern Caesars know that anyone who has an objective moral standard with which to judge their Totalitarian edicts is a threat that must be destroyed. Naturally they place a great priority on the armed forces. On the one hand they must be kept powerful enough that they could be used as an instrument to control the people, while on the other hand they must not be allowed to challenge the state. the obvious answer is to create a military led and dominated by Homosexuals and Radical Feminist. To this end they wish to reduce the Chaplains role to that of a Social Commissar who will work to reinforce there values among the military.

More and more they wish to make it impossible for a consistent Christian to remain in the armed forces. Therefore expect this sort of harassment against Christians, (you can bet they wont Harass Muslim or Jewish clergy.) to continue and spread.

For further info see This link to Janet Mefford show. http://www.janetmefferdpremium.com/2013/11/12/janet-mefferd-radio-show-20131112-hr-1/

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