Monday, November 18, 2013

Dont worry its ok not to Like Classical Music !

First let me begin by saying that I have nothing against classical music. There are classical pieces that I really like. Bach's Jesu Joy of mans desiring is one of the most beautiful musical arrangements I've ever listened to. Still, I am, for whatever reason not a regular classical listener. I've always considered myself to be a middle brow. I love Shakespeare's, "silken terms precise”, and Sir Walter Scotts Ivanhoe. I've just never developed a taste for thundering Wagnerian Symphonies and being bellowed at for three hours in Italian under the guise of Opera. Don't get me started on Ballet. On the other hand I've never seen "Duck Dynasty" or the "honey boo-boo" thing (having heard a description of the latter I cant bring myself to dignify it with capitalization.) I don't groove to Lady Gaga, (Am I crazy or are were reverting to baby talk, boo-boo, gaga, etc.)
Perhaps it's the Classical music fans. On the one hand it's those who obviously consider themselves the elite. You know the people who made star bucks a viable concern. You know the ones who are always talking how wonderful their “gay” friends are. You know the people who watch NPR. Actually, NPR is aimed at two audiences, 1.) Upper class whites whose contributions pay the bills and whose tastes run to classical music and trendy liberal politics. 2.) The audience they wish they had; a mix of La Raza, Act-up, and occupy who they'd like to serenade with Palestinian Children singing Afro-Caribbean hip-hop, and Finnish Lesbian Jazz trios singing protest songs amidst news stories praising Castro and conducting apologetics for Obama.
Another class of Classical fans are those who have convinced themselves that in order to think themselves truly intelligent and educated they have to “love” the arts. We all have and image of the way we would like others to see us from Barbara Streisand who considers herself some kind of ambassador to the world to Michael Moore who sees himself as a working class hero,(albeit a very rich one). This path to being a lover of the arts in our age is self defeating. One contemporary artist claimed the purpose of art was to shock people and push the boundaries.
Well the boundaries are ever changing so following this theory, music, and every other form of expression must become increasingly perverse and shocking in order to shock an audience rendered numb to the old horrors. Witness Madonna and Miley Cyrus.
Ok out there!  You know you've been looking for someone to give you permission, so I’ll do it. Like whatever music you want, I prefer you didn't ruin your minds with rap and heavy metal, but it's a free country, right? By the way there's lots of good music out there, music played by musicians who know how to really use instruments and singers who can really sing. Hell, some of its even Classical, Just not very commercially popular. Just listen to it because you like it, not because you feel you have to.

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