Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Bizarre World of Zacharia Sitchin

If you have watched shows like "In Search Of", or in more recent times "Ancient Aliens" on the Sci-Fi, (heavy on the Fi), channel, you have encountered the Ancient Astronauts hypothesis. This was originally propounded by Erich Von Daniken, In his book "Chariots Of the Gods", in 1968. Overcoming an early history of having a series of convictions and Fraud going back to when he was 19 Von Daniken Struck gold and his book became a best seller spawning not only his innumerable sequels but countless imitators, His thesis was that aliens gave us civilization and that we worshiped them as Gods. Over the years, after enjoying enormous popularity, Growing evidence of the inaccuracy of his interpretations , and evidence of Faking claims and evidence, (some of which he confessed to) he receded in the 80s. Into the gap came Zacharia Sitchin. Starting in 1976 with his book the 12th Planet he began propounded his theory that not only did aliens, called the Anunaki by the Sumerians not only gave us civilization but we are the product of their Breeding experiments to provide themselves with cheap labor. Sitchin, 1920-2010, was born in Azerbaijan and receive a degree in Economics, He labored as a Journalist until writing his work. He has proven enormously popular in UFO circles and has heavily influence loony's like David Icke. Sitchin's principle tactic was to present himself as a scholar {he sure looked scholarly, in a grandfatherly sort of way) of ancient languages giving him an argument from authority. It goes like this "The ancient Sumerian says a. You don't know ancient Sumerian, I do, therefore you should accept my Interpretation."
   The problem was that no one who Does know ancient Sumerian agrees with Sitchin's translations and that like Daniken he was a fraud. As a youth, (about 12), I read Von Daniken and was impressed eventually I abandoned it because it was incompatible with Christianity. Later, I discovered just what a hoaxer he was. Sitchin's theories are just as bogus and should be refuted. The sad thing is that
groups like the Sci-Fi channel shill Sitchin and Von Daniken's hoaxes.

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