Saturday, November 23, 2013

Our Only Hope

From, A Nation Once Again
By Thomas Osborne Davis
14 October 1814 – 16 September 1845

It whisper'd too, that freedom's ark
And service high and holy,
Would be profaned by feelings dark
And passions vain or lowly;
For, Freedom comes from God's right hand,
And needs a Godly train;
And righteous men must make our land
A Nation once again!

So, as I grew from boy to man,
I bent me to that bidding
My spirit of each selfish plan
And cruel passion ridding;
For, thus I hoped some day to aid,
Oh, can such hope be vain ?
When my dear country shall be made
A Nation once again

while Im not a supporter of his Cause, at least as regards Ulster, I strongly support the sentiment,
this song would make a great anthem for those who long to see America a nation once again.

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