Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Baldwin, "Fags" and the thought Police!

Baldwin in Happier, or at least crazier
looking times.
A recent story brings to the fore both the argument over homosexuality and the limits of liberal tolerance. First is the story of Alec Baldwin. Baldwin in recent days made several remarks
about homosexuals. He apparently called a photographer, among other things, a "fag."
Now Alec Baldwin has a long history of outbursts, including calling for the stoning of George Bush on Saturday Night Live.

What is fascinating is the reaction. Andrew Sullivan and Anderson Cooper of CNN, on a program raised serious objections to Baldwin's use of unapproved language. Sullivan complained saying "If a conservative said that," he noted, "they would be finished."1 to which Cooper responded, "If Alec Baldwin had yelled the n-word at a photographer or a Jewish slur, it'd be over," he noted, "but the f-word is a word kids are called in school every single day; teachers often don't do anything about it."1

I'm reminded of CNN's old television show crossfire hosted by liberal Tom Braden, and conservative Pat Buchanan. Now Tom could always be counted on uphold the left, including homosexuals. He repeatedly defended their cause, always reminding the listener that he had served with them in the army and that they were ok. (possibly because as my old uncle used to say, that when he joined the army in '33 the word was "2 men + 1 bunk = 3 years in Leavenworth")

However one day the panel was going at it, and a "Gay" activist was a guest. Braden was becoming
Tom Braden and an impossibly young
looking Pat Buchanan
increasingly agitated over the guest radicalism and suddenly expressed the wish that while he supported gays he couldn't see why they couldn't just keep quiet about it. He actually slipped and revealed the fact that however politically correct he was he really knew the practice of sodomy was wrong. Well that was back in the 80s when free speech was still possible. Today as one homosexual spokesman proclaimed its not enough that "gays" be Tolerated or acceptable. they must be celebrated.

Leftist Groupthink and the political correctness it inspires is a Jealous God. It demands total acceptance of its agenda.  In the end Baldwin will grovel and hopefully be forgiven. But in his little liberal heart he will still know that homosexuality is wrong, and will resent the limits placed on him.
This is while I believe the Left will eventually turn on the homosexual community. They are incapable of accepting limits on their agenda and insist the rest of us cannot limit it either. At some
point even the left will have had enough. Every revolution devours its children and this one will be no exception.

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