Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dayna Morales, Lies, Damned Lies and "Hate Crimes"

Well, once again it appears that another account of an anti-gay "hate" episode has now started to unravel.
Dayna Morales, a waitress claimed that she was refused a tip by a customer who wrote on her bill that they did not approve of her "lifestyle:" Apparently the customers somehow adduced she was a lesbian and refused her a tip. Howls of media induced outrage followed and celebrities flocked in to fuel the anger on behalf
of Morales against what were obviously, "Right wing Religious nuts".

According to NBC Online Brynn Gingras,{1.} it is starting to appear is if every detail of the story is a fabrication:

  • The couple from New Jersey said that the handwriting on the note was not theirs and showed a credit card slip showing that they tipped $18.
  • It turns out That (Miss ?) Morales was dishonorably discharged from the Marine reserves for not showing up for drills (too busy thinking up notes perhaps?) as one of her fellow reservist said,""I wouldn't want anyone to think she was a part of my Marine Corps family, because she's not," said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous because she is still on active duty."
  • It turns out that Morales has a history of this sort of behavior. Previously she had worked at a Cheesecake factory in Nyack, NY , where she told co-workers she had brain cancer. As a coworker stated "She came in with her hair shaved because she wanted to shave it herself before she lost it" said Jacqie Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick said Morales also leaned on the cancer story to accept offers of help from friends at work.Then, she abruptly quit, according to Fitzpatrick, and her coworkers didn't see her again until she appeared in news reports about the receipt."

Well there are several things we know about all this. For One thing the exposure of the hoax will receive only a fraction of the attention as the story itself, so that millions will never realize it wasn't true. No apology will be forth coming to the family that was slandered. It wont be long before another thought "oops, I meant hate crime", is reported and the media will swallow it with the same gusto as this one.

One has to feel sorry for the Poor left. Unable to find genuine proof of systematic oppression, they have to manufacture it. The reality is that the overwhelming majority of us who oppose the homosexual agenda have no personal hatred for homosexuals, (I know two people who I grew up with, one in Church, one in the scouts who died of Aids, while I did not know of their proclivities until later I liked both of them and considered them friends. I greeted the news of their condition with sorrow rather than hatred.) It is clear, on the other hand, listening to the rhetoric of the homosexual movement, that they do hate us and would silence us if possible.

We should Sorrow, as well over Morales and her sad attempt to created victim-hood. Pray for her conversion. But also let everyone know the slander that she perpetrated, aided by the MSM , and celebrities like DeGeneres is the bald faced propaganda that it is.


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