Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Cessationist - Continuationist Debate Michael Brown and Sam Waldron.

Alpha and Omega ministries has hosted a debate between Michael Brown (Continuationist) and Sam Waldron (cessationist) over whether the Charismatic gifts of the NT have ceased. See, In my opinion Michael Brown did about as well as he could championing a bad cause. Sam Waldron made a good presentation but never really landed a knock-out blow. Brown never really explained how you could have Revelation from God, which was somehow not as authoritative as a scriptural Revelation. He made the rather odd remark that cessationist were undermining Sola Scriptura by insisting on Sola Scriptura and denying continuing revelation. Waldron stressed that the charismatics were forced champion a split level revelation. It seems to me you had two really nice guys who were too nice to really go at each other.
This is unfortunate as Brown is probably about as scholarly a defender of the movement as your going to get. My recommendation is to read B. B. Warfield'
s, Counterfeit miracles, which at one time was published by banner of Truth.

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