Sunday, February 8, 2015

Imam Obama Blames Christians For ISIS

At Our national disgrace, Obama makes an absolute ass of himself at the national prayer breakfast, excoriating the Christians for the Crusades, slavery and Jim Crow laws. With the exception of this epic idiot and anyone with an IQ above room temperature, everyone is aware that slavery was universal in the world for millenia before Christianity, ended peacefully only in Christendom or in areas where Europeans forced emancipation on non-European, (mostly Muslim) countries. (Ironically Mussolini, was the great emancipator of Ethiopia, ending slavery in the last professing Christian country.

Of course, slavery had largely vanished from Western Europe by the middle ages, Its revival in the new world not being due to Religion but the demand for labor to run the plantations. In North America at least, the practice of slavery was the most benevolent in history, (unlike Islamic countries where the Eunuch was common.) Today the Islamic world is the only place where slavery is practiced.

As to the Crusades one finds difficult to understand why, after centuries of Muslim expansion by the sword and discrimination and persecution of Christians they finally fought back, they are considered the villains.

For our verminous executive to blame Christian culture for Muslim atrocities is so monumentally absurd that one has to wonder if it the product of a sane mind. Just as decaying Roman civilization produced a Caligula, a Nero, and an Elagabalus, our decaying civilization is producing creatures like Obama.

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