Saturday, August 23, 2008


Introductory thoughts. You may ask why I am creating this blog. Simply put it is because the current
situation in our society has become totally unbearable for anyone to endure who has any feeling for, or love for
western civilization. It is clear the west today is on the verge of suicide. Whether it be  sodomite
marriage, unrestricted abortion, the reduction the working class to serfdom, or the growing absurdity of our
popular culture, every indication is that there can be little hope for things to substantially improve. whence
this BLog? As a Calvinist I believe that all of History is controlled by a divine plan. Two consequences flow
from this belief. One is that the miraculous is possible and that 2. it is our duty to tell the truth and to
defend it against its enemies. Something must be said by those of us who hold the welfare of our civilization to
be dear, even if it is only a voice crying in the wilderness.

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